Ukraine is among the countries with medium-level geothermal gradients. On the territory of the existing areas with anomalously high heat flow values (Carpathian region and the Black Sea basin) and insulating layers that contribute to the conservation of heat deep within the Earth’s interior.

In Ukraine, there are two types of geothermal deposits, deposit formation types, artesian basins intermountain and foothill basins (Carpathian region and Crimea) and deposit formation types in the Great Artesian Basin platform type (the Black Sea and Dnieper-Donetsk artesian basin).

Thermal water horizons first type deposits occur at depths of 900-1500 m or more, for the second – 2000- 2500 m and more. Analysis of evidence indicates that the most favourable conditions for the formation of geothermal resources are characterized by gas, gas condensate and some oil fields. This applies particularly to depleted gas fields that are filled up with water during operation.

For more information, you can read the full Article about geothermal Energy Use in Ukraine

Authors: Anastasia Barylo, Yulia Demchuk

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