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Enabling low-carbon energy transition by a sustainable use of the underground!

ENeRG, the European Network for Research in Geo-Energy, was created in 1992 by European organisations involved in research and technology development (RTD) focused on fossil energy sources, especially oil and gas. It was formed to promote European RTD capability in the service of Europe’s geo-energy exploration and production industry and its associated service and supply sector. The focus of ENeRG has been evolving from fossil energy sources, especially oil and gas towards all subsurface technologies for enabling low-carbon energy transition, climate change mitigation and security of supply: geothermal energy, CO2 geological storage, underground energy storage, etc.

Founded in 1992; In 2020 – 26 Members from 19 Countries; operates as an “informal club”; does not enter into legal transactions.

The mission of the European Network for Research in Geo-Energy (ENeRG) is to promote cooperation between European R&D organisations whose main interest is to conduct basic or applied research or technological development in the field of sustainable use of the underground for the energy transition.

The main objectives of ENeRG are:
a. To inform/advise Members on EU’s and other international R&D programmes and the possibilities to apply for funding;
b. To identify and match opportunities and requirements for new R&D projects which will bring benefits to European citizens, industry and public sector;
c. To promote scientific and technical collaboration between Members (to function as a “broker” for international consortia);
d. To explore and promote, where appropriate, Members’ coordinated views on R&D, legislation and policy issues;
e. To foster interaction and exchange of information between Members and national/European stakeholders;
f. To disseminate geo-energy research results and synthesized knowledge Europe-wide;
g. To promote the transfer of European know-how and technology to third countries.

It is the aim of ENeRG to have as many European countries as possible represented in ENeRG, and to encourage public-private and worldwide co-operation.

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