The new issue of GEO ENeRGY (No. 45), the regular newsletter of the ENeRG, has been published

The first-page article is about the new report devoted to underground natural gas storage (UGS) facilities in Ukraine.  This report, prepared by Yuliia Demchuk, was initiated and supported by the ENeRG network.

On the second page, one can read the article prepared by the coordinator of the EU COST Action CA18219 Geothermal. It is about 100 good reasons for using geothermal energy in heating and cooling networks” a new initiative to make geothermal energy more visible in Europe. A number of ENeRG members take part in the action.

The article about the CO2GEONET OPEN FORUM planned for September 2022, on the second page, was prepared by CO2Geonet secretary Barbara Merson.

The third page is about the REX-CO2 project, funded under the 2nd call of the ACT and coordinated by TNO (The Netherland).

The last page includes an article about the participation of the ENERG members and ENeRG President at the 83rd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition in Madrid.

For more information please read the attached newsletter.

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