The final meetings of the Cost action CA18219 Geothermal-DHC (Home page – Geothermal DHC ( took place in Limassol/Cyprus on 11-12 March 2024 with the participation of several ENeRG members (Constantin Sava (GeoEcomar), Alla Shogenova (TalTech), Marek Hajto (AGH University of Science and Technology). More ENeRG members took part in CA18219 (PGI-NRI, University of Zagreb, Geological Survey of Czech Republic, etc), which started in 2019 and will be finished in April 2024. In May 2023 CA18219 Geothermal-DHC took an active part in the organisation of the Second Underground Energy Storage Workshop in Paris, which was organised in memory of Vit Hladik, one of the ENeRG presidents who left us in February 2023. Vit Hladik took an active part in the activities of the CA18219 Geothermal-DHC. He was a Management Committee member and country representative.

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