Four EneRG members (BRGM, UNIZG-RGNF, GeoEcoMar, and CERTH) took part in the H2020 STRATEGY CCUS project About the project | Strategy CCUS.

The presentations, posters and a Q&A synthesis presented by STRATEGY CCUS final event (June 14 and 15, 2022) in Brussels and online are now available on the website.

The Presentation and Q&A synthesis have now been uploaded to the Stakeholder engagement outputs page. The Final Event Region Posters have been uploaded to the Toolbox page

It is also possible to access these elements from the Event Page (please click on “read more”).

Please note all STRATEGY CCUS public deliverables are now also available on the website in the project outputs section.

A final summary of the project is also available here.

You can also continue to follow us on STRATEGY CCUS sister project PilotSTRATEGY > for further information on CCUS.

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