The first-page article is about the results of the 2nd European Underground Energy Storage Workshop organized by the ENeRG in cooperation with COST Action Geothermal DHC and EuroGeoSurveys in Paris on 23-24 May 2023.

The second page includes an article about the new Geothermal Direct Use in Ukraine project started in July 2023 in which ENeRG member NGO “Geothermal Ukraine” is a partner.

The third page is about the results of the International Master Course on CO2 Geological Storage organised by the University of Zagreb and the Sapienza University of Rome, which are both members of ENeRG.

On the last page, the article about the annual Baltic Carbon Forum 2023 organised by BASRECCS network on the 12-13 October 2023 in Riga and attended by ENeRG members from TalTech, GEUS, SHOGenergy, and PGI-NRI.

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