28. May 2012
The 25th edition of GEO ENeRGY, the newsletter of ENeRG, was published in May 2012. This issue is the first one prepared at the Instute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology (IGTUT), Estonia. IGTUT has been in charge of the newsletter from the beginning of 2012, under direction of Dr Alla... full text

23. March 2012
ENeRG will be one of the co-organisers of the 3rd International Conference "Geosciences and Environment" that will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 27-29 May 2012. Among other activities, ENeRG will be responsible for a special session focused on geo-energy. For more information visit the conference... full text

24. February 2012
18 ENeRG partners participate in a new, EC-funded project CO2StoP, which aims at providing harmonized data on CO2 storage potential of European countries for the needs of the European Commission. The consortium includes 29 partners covering 28 European countries. The project was prepared as a joint... full text

12. February 2012
CGS Europe, the FP7 coordination action on CO2 geological storage, which was co-initiated by ENeRG, organizes two interesting events in spring 2012. full text

1. January 2012
The new ENeRG president for 2012 is Dr. Niels E. Poulsen of GEUS, Denmark. full text

10. November 2011
The last ENeRG meeting took place on the 21st of October 2011 in Maria Laach, Germany. The next ENeRG meeting will take place on 21st April 2012 in Venice, San Servolo Island, Italy. full text

9. August 2010
was held at Imperial College London, United Kingdom 11-16 July 2010. Short review is now available. CO2 Summer School organised by CO2ReMoVe project took place on 11- 16 July 2010 in London Imperial College. Lectures and practical trainings have been given on "CO2 Geological Storage" subject... full text

13. September 2009
In June 9th 2009, ENeRG awards for students were given at the EAGE Annual Conference, held in Amsterdam. These awards have an endowment of 1,000 Euros and are conceded both to best oral and best poster presentation given at last EAGE Annual Conference held in Rome in 2008. Winners of this year were... full text

25. August 2009
The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum adopted recently a new Technology Roadmap. More information can be found here. full text

20. May 2009
CCS session at the 5th Congress of Balkan Geophysical Society (BGS) in Belgrade was organized by ENeRG and BGS on the 13th May. Abstracts of all presentations were published by EAGE (sponsor of the 5h BGS Congress) on CD. Two interactive panel discussions on CCS took place during the special... full text


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