10. November 2015
The CGS Europe project (Pan-European coordination action on CO2 Geological Storage) received the CSLF Global Achievement Award in recognition of its advancement of CCS technologies at the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) meeting held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on 1-5 November 2015.... full text

11. August 2015
Most of ENeRG members participate in ESTMAP (Energy Storage Mapping and Planning) – a European project directly funded by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. The aim of ESTMAP is to compile data on existing, planned and potential energy storage sites in Europe, both sub-... full text

20. July 2015
Kazbulat Shogenov, an active collaborator of ENeRG, defended his doctoral thesis "Petrophysical models of the CO2 plume at prospective storage sites in the Baltic Basin" at Tallinn University of Technology on 30 June 2015. His work has largely benefited from international partnership established... full text

20. July 2015
The new issue of GEO ENeRGY (No. 31), the regular newsletter of ENeRG, has been published. The title–page article introduces REPP-CO2 – a Czech-Norwegian research project to prepare a CO2 storage pilot in the Czech Republic, which builds upon a former ENeRG partnership between the Czech Geological... full text

5. June 2015
CO2GeoNet - the European Network of Excellence on the Geological Storage of CO2 – celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Open Forum, the Network’s annual flagship conference. The 10th Open Forum was held on 11... full text

4. December 2014
The new issue of GEO ENeRGY, the regular newsletter of ENeRG, has been published. The title–page article is introducing the new ENeRG Position Paper on research needs related to further development of geo-energy technologies and integrated and sustainable use of the underground. Multiple use of the... full text

25. November 2014
ENeRG will participate in organization of the Third Sustainable Earth Science Conference... full text

19. September 2014
The purpose of the new ENeRG Position Paper is to provide guidance on new research needed for integrated and sustainable use of the underground in relation to natural gas (shale gas, coalbed methane, gas hydrates), shale oil (kerogen oil), geothermal energy, CO2 capture and storage (CCS), CO2... full text

28. July 2014
The 2nd round of the European NER300 programme that aims at funding of demonstration projects of CCS and innovative renewables plans to support 20 new projects, among which 3 geo-energy projects can be identified. Up to €300 million has been awarded to the White Rose CCS project in the UK, the... full text

15. July 2014
An interesting paper on CO2 produced by natural springs in Slovakia was recently published in the Environmental Earth Sciences journal by Springer. The authors (lead by L. Kucharic of the State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr, Bratislava, the Slovak country representative in ENeRG) deal with... full text


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