A Summer School organised by the CO2ReMoVe Research Partnership

Monday, 9 August, 2010

was held at Imperial College London, United Kingdom 11-16 July 2010. Short review is now available.

CO2 Summer School organised by CO2ReMoVe project took place on 11- 16 July 2010 in London Imperial College. Lectures and practical trainings have been given on "CO2 Geological Storage" subject including the global CCS basic aspects:
" CO2 geological storage environments,
" CO2 storage reservoir characterisation,
" CO2 storage site monitoring,
" CO2 storage performance assessment and modelling,
" CCS risk assessments and management.

Lectors from BGS, BRGM, Imperial College of London, GEUS, GFZ, TNO, SINTEF, QUINTESSA made this course valuable for new students in the field and for those who are working in CCS.

Thanks to main coordinator of this event (Anna Korre, Imperial College of London) more than 50 students and scientists from Environment Agency, UK; IC UK; TNO, Netherlands; DTU, Denmark; GEUS, Denmark; ERSE S.p.A, Italy; BRGM, France; IFP, France; VCM, Slovenia; JSI, Slovenia; BGS, UK; WWF, UK; DECC, UK; METU, Turkey; DECC, UK; PGI, Poland; GEM, Romania; OGS, Italy; SUSKO, Bulgaria; DUT, Netherlands; TUO, Czech Republic; CTU Prague, Czech Republic; Quintessa, UK; IEA GHG, UK; SINTEF, Norway; URLS, Italy; IGTUT Estonia; Bellona, Norway; Wintershall, Germany; GFZ Potsdam, Germany; UU, Sweden; UA, Greece had possibility to extend their knowledge on CCS, to try to build live models of CO2 plume spreading in long-time term using modern modelling software and to network with each other.

Warm and friendly atmosphere of the event made it not only useful, but also pleasant and unforgettable for all participants.

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