One CCS and two geothermal projects to be funded from NER300

Monday, 28 July, 2014

The 2nd round of the European NER300 programme that aims at funding of demonstration projects of CCS and innovative renewables plans to support 20 new projects, among which 3 geo-energy projects can be identified.

Up to €300 million has been awarded to the White Rose CCS project in the UK, the first and, unfortunately, only CCS project in NER300. It includes a new 426MW coal-fired power plant block located in Yorkshire, that will be equipped with oxyfuel technology by Alstom. 90% of all the CO2 produced by the plant will be captured and transported by pipeline for permanent storage to a saline aquifer beneath the North Sea. In optimum case the plant might start operation in 2020.

In addition, two geothermal projects were selected for support. The Geothermae project in Croatia concerns the production of electricity and heat from a geothermal aquifer and its associated natural gas. The project, located in Draskovec, close to the city of Prelog in Croatia, will generate 3.1 MWe from geothermal hot brine using an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

The French-German cross-border GEOSTRAS project aims to produce electricity and heat from a high temperature geothermal resource near Strasbourg. It involves creating a circulation loop several kilometres long at a depth of between 4 km and 5 km that will function as a semi-open underground heat exchanger. The proposed geothermal plant is expected to produce 6.7 MWe electricity and 34.7 MWth heat.

Vít Hladík