New monograph on CO2 storage potential of Slovakia

Wednesday, 26 March, 2014

A monograph titled “Potential, Capacities Estimations and Legislation for CO2 Storage in the Geological Formations of the Slovak Republic” has been issued by SGÚDŠ publishing (Bratislava, Slovakia) within the framework of the Slovak Geological Magazine journal. This monograph presents a summary evaluation of potential CO2 storage options in Slovakia under current state of knowledge. Depleted hydrocarbon fields, local and regional aquifers and selected basic and ultrabasic bodies were assessed in order to estimate their potential capacity.
Selected aquifers were modelled geochemically using the PHREEQC code. The research has shown that, in spite of a sufficient quantity of relevant data, the hydrocarbon fields are not suitable for industrial storage due to their limited storage capacity (<10 Mt); however, they meet criteria for a pilot project. The only exception is the Vysoká - Zwerndorf gas field, which is shared by Slovakia and Austria. Local and regional aquifers present significantly larger structures but their estimated capacity is only theoretical, because, in the vast majority of cases, representative data are missing.
Mineral carbonatisation tests were carried out by ex situ technology at laboratory scale, using PARR 4540 high-pressure reactor. The results were confirmed by petrological data calculations obtained from the CAMECA SX 100 electron microanalyzer. Calculated and estimated capacities of individual structures were inserted into relevant databases.
A description of the legislative framework delimiting the activities in question was provided as well. A list of sites from around the world where CO2 is being stored, or that are considered for storage is attached, along with relevant data. This allows creating a global perception of the technological development in the near term. Each potential (candidate) stakeholder interested in utilisation of this technology in the future thus obtains basic data needed for own decision making.
The monograph can be purchased from the bookshop of the Slovak Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr ( or requested by e-mail from the lead author at
Publication details:
Ľudovit Kucharič (ed.), Ľubomír Tuček, Dušan Bodiš, Martin Radvanec, Ján Wallner, Katarína Čechovská, Zoltán Németh, Ivan Baráth, Alexander Nagy, Ján Derco, Boris Antal, Vladimír Bezák, Pavol Šesták: Potential, Capacities Estimations and Legislation for CO2 Storage in the Geological Formations of the Slovak Republic. Slovak Geological Magazine, 12/2013; State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr. 142pp. ISBN: 978-80-89343-90-4

Vít Hladík