Experts gathered in Tallinn to discuss the critical role of CCUS in reaching climate targets in Baltic countries

Tuesday, 2 October, 2018

2 October 2018

Industry leaders, academics, policy-makers and other leading experts gathered in Tallinn for the annual Baltic Carbon Forum (BCF, on the 25-26 September. Organised by the BASRECCS Network ( with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Global CCS Institute, the conference gathered more than 50 experts for a regional discussion about the value of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) in achieving emission reduction targets as well as business opportunities linked to CCUS deployment.

Expert speakers from the Global CCS Institute, European Commission, Nordic Energy Research, Nordic Council of Ministers, Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, HeidelbergCement Northern Europe, Equinor, Fortum Oslo Varme, environmental NGO Bellona, Research Council of Norway, universities, research institutes and representatives of towns took part at the event.

The conference was finalised with a BASRECCS-ENOS knowledge-sharing workshop, a joint activity of the BASRECCS, and the Horizon 2020 project ENOS ( on how to enable onshore CO2 geological storage in the Baltic Sea Region (

ENeRG members were among these events participants, organisers, conveners and speakers. TallTech was local co-organizer of the Baltic Carbon Forum and organizer of the BASRECCS-ENOS knowledge-sharing workshop. ENeRG members Alla Shogenova and Kazbulat Shogenov (TalTech) were conveners of the workshop and speakers at the BCF, ENeRG president Vit Hladik was speaker and convener at the workshop, Adam Wojcicki (PGI) made presentation at the BCF, Niels Poulsen and Saulius Šliaupa (NRC) were speakers at the workshop .

Alla Shogenova
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