ENeRG member and senior researcher Alla Shogenova was interviewed on CCUS in the Morning News Broadcast at the 1st Baltic TV Channel

Thursday, 6 December, 2018

Dr. Alla Shogenova gave series of interviews on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technology at the 1st Baltic TV Channel Morning News Broadcast. First interview was given (also by Dr. Kazbulat Shogenov) during Baltic Carbon Forum (BCF 2018) in Tallinn (25-26 September) and translated in the Morning Broadcast next day.
Then in October 2018 Alla Shogenova was nominated for a title of the Tallinn citizen for organization of the BCF 2018 and invited by Tallinn Town Council to celebration event, where another short interview about CCUS was given. In the following days she was invited by journalist Jelena Poverina for a short interview about benefits of CCUS technology for Estonia, which was shown in the 1st Baltic TV Channel Morning News Broadcast “Good Morning, Tallinn” on the 5th December. The talk was concentrated on the available in Estonia option to continue using its national energy recourse - oil shale (põlevkivi), but simultaneously cut CO2 emissions according to Estonian national climate strategic targets. Using CCUS technology, Estonia can avoid “Põexit” (exit from oil shale use), which is a wide known action of the Estonian Greens.
It is possible to capture, use and transport CO2 to geological storage site and to use it, for example, for enhanced recovery of oil and gas. Increase of CO2allowance price in EU Emission Trading System from 7 Euro during last five years up to 25 Euro in 2018 with prospects up to 35-40 Euros in next years, can compensate costs of CCUS technology and to make it economically more attractive. Alla Shogenova told that using CO2 in Estonia for mineral carbonation of Estonian oil shale ash can avoid maximum up to 10% of the large Estonian CO2 emissions, while CO2 geological storage and use can reduce these emissions significantly.

Alla Shogenova