EEF Lunch Debate

Monday, 27 April, 2009

ENeRG sponsored a Lunch Debate entitled "R&D opportunities in geo-energy and CCS" organized by the European Energy Forum on 25 March at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The opening speech was imparted by Mr. Roberto Martinez, president of ENeRG, which was also represented by Mr. Sergio Persoglia and Dr. Alla Shogenova. Proposed issues for the debate described in the opening speech included:

  • Research in geo-energy after the new EU strategy on 20-20-20
  • Hydrocarbon systems and security of supply
  • Clean coal as a valuable energy source
  • Geothermal energy, a hot topic in many European countries
  • Geological storage of CO2
  • Research and technological development to fight the crisis in sectors supporting tens of thousands of employees in Europe

In all, 24 people attended the debate, including 15 Members of the European Parliament and representatives of European industry. Interest of the MEPs was mainly focused on CCS but some questions on other issues were also answered by ENeRG representatives. ENeRG newsletter issues were distributed to attendees and were highly appreciated. As a result, ENeRG has been promoted as an actor in the European Parliament energy scene and has been invited to participate in future debates and to come back to organisation in the future.

Roberto Martinez Orio