October 2018

2126 October
 | Melbourne, Australia

The Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-14)

The GHGT conference series has established itself as the principal international conference on greenhouse mitigation technologies.

Formed in 1997, the Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT) conference series followed the merger of the earlier series of ICCDR and the Greenhouse Gas: Mitigation Options conference.

The GHGT conferences are held every two years in IEAGHG's member countries and have become a focal point for international research on CO2 capture and storage. The conference series rotates between North America, Europe and Asia.

2426 October
 | Bruxelles, Le Plaza Hotel Brussels, Belgium

Energy Storage Global Conference 2018

The Energy Storage Global Conference 2018, organised by EASE, offers a unique opportunity to industry, researchers and policymakers to exchange views on key issues for the storage sector. Representatives from around the world will come together for three days to discuss the latest developments in energy storage technologies, regulatory and policy development and the future storage market.

November 2018

2123 November
 | Utrecht, The Netherlands

Fifth CO2 Geological Storage Workshop

The Fifth CO2 Geological Storage Workshop will take place this year in Utrecht from 21-23 November 2018. The workshop format will be a series of sessions each following the format of keynote speakers, a discussion forum, oral and poster presentations and demonstrations. The posters and oral presentations will form a key part of the proceedings, together with demonstrations of learning or training technologies.

3030 November
 | International Geothermal Centre c/o GZB, University of Applied Science Lennershofstr. 140 44801 Bochum, Germany Room: Istanbul, Germany

First EAGE/BVG Workshop on Reservoir Geomechanics

As the world looks increasingly to the potential of geothermal energy, there is a clear need to better understand the geomechanical setting and the issues involved in exploitation of this resource. This is the motivation behind our new event “First EAGE / BVG Workshop on Reservoir and Geomechanics”, which will be held in Bochum, Germany on 30 November 2018.

April 2019

810 April
 | Pau, France

20th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery - IOR 2019

The IOR 2019 conference will take place in the Hotel Parc Beaumont in Pau. The first conference took place in 1981 and since then, the event has been held every 2 years, alternating with te SPE IOR Symposium in Tulsa. Unlike the SPE Symposium, we always move to a different city in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East to ensure that as many engineers and scientists from different countries can attend the symposium. The different event locations also enables regular participants to experience the culture of different parts of Europe and nearby. We expect around 200 engineers, academics, scientists, young professionals from companies, universities and research institutes across Europe and around the world to attend the IOR 2019.

June 2019

1114 June
 | The Hague, The Netherlands

European Geothermal Congress - EGEC 2019

The largest geothermal congress in Europe. The European Geothermal Congress is the event which brings together the entire European geothermal sector and attracts many from outside the continent. What makes the conference unique is both its diversity - it provides a varied public with a range of different events -, and its size - it is the largest geothermal congress in Europe